Weight Loss Supplements-Do They Work?

Picture of weight loss supplementsIf your here reading this post than let me begin by saying that by the time you finish reading this page you will have the correct information on weight loss supplements and none of the hype! 

Armed with the correct information you can determine if a weight loss supplement will benefit you.

Weight loss supplements are exactly what they say they are…supplements.

A supplement means that it is an aid or support.  In this case a weight loss supplement is an aid to proper diet, reduced calories and more exercise.

Even though you and I wish for a magic pill that will vanquish our fat and give us a slim and fit body, there plain and simple isn’t one!

Don’t get sucked in by hype and bravado.  If you take in more calories a day than you burn up… Guess what?  Your body stores the excess calories as fat.

Now back to our question.  Do weight loss supplements work?  In order to answer that question I am going to ask another question first. 

How do weight loss supplements work?

There are basically two ways that weight loss supplements work.

  • Decrease or inhibit appetite
  • Block absorption of fat

Decrease or inhibit appetite:

Weight loss supplements that decrease appetite generally work by stimulating triggers in the stomach and intestines that send signals to the brain saying you are full even if you have not eaten or eaten very little.

Block apsorption of fat:

Supplements that block the absorption of fat are binders that attach to fat that is in the food we eat.  When binding with the fat our body can no longer absorb the fat and it is eliminated.

We all know if we eat less we take in less calories so supplements that decrease our appetite work because we have less desire to eat.

Supplements that bind fat reduce our calories by reducing our fat absorption.

Hey, I hope that wan’t too technical, but that is a quick overview of how weight loss supplements work.

Wow!  Look at that we answered our first question.  So weight loss supplements work?  Now we can say, yes they do.

Ohhh hold on now.  I can see that magic creeping back into your eyes!  Couple of pills a day and…Bam, 20 lbs gone. Maybe if your on drugs!  Nope not going there, but I will have something to say about chemical supplements.  And it is very important that you know the difference.

Weight loss supplements work:

They work but they don’t work alone.  They need a balanced, nutrional diet and exercise to really work at shedding the excess pounds.  Think about it.  Can you live off of eating supplements?  Of course not.  You need to eat food so you need to change what and how much food you eat in order to maintain any consistent weight loss.

Break the habit:

Why did I say that?  Eating, over eating, no exercise, they are all due to our natural tendency of habit.  Let’s face it humans are creatures of habit.  And so is everything else on this earth.  We get used to eating three times a day.  Even if were not hungry.  3 squares a day.

Weight loss supplements can help us break bad habits when it comes to food.  They give us a little boost of change.  Instead of 3000 calories a day we eat only 2000 calories because our appetite is suppressed.  Or we were raised on a high fat diet and nothing else tastes good.  But a fat blocking supplement allows you to take in less calories by elimination of some of the fat in your diet.

Chemical Vs. Natural Supplements     coming soon!






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