The Secrets To Burn Fat Fast

burn fat fastWhat are the secrets to burn fat fast? Eat the proper foods, cut out the fatty foods, and exercise. Right? Wrong! Did you know that almost everything you have been taught about losing fat is wrong. If I eat better, cut down on the calories, and exercise I should lose some fat. Maybe, if your a glutton for punishment. For most of us it just will not work. We feel like were being deprived, and were starving all the time. Were definitely doomed to fail. What I am about to reveal to you will jumpstart your metabolism and literally burn fat fast. The pounds will melt away. Ok, grab a pen and write these down.

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  • Eat
  • Time Of Day
  • Combinations
  • Movement

What am I talking about? Well, let’s take a look at the word, Eat.

We all know what it means to eat. Eating is essential to sustaining life. Of course too much eating is why we have too much fat. Right? Wrong again! It is not that we eat too much, but that we eat too much of the wrong foods at the wrong time. Go back and read that last line a couple of times until it really sinks in. Let me explain in a little more detail so it makes sense to you. Our bodies are much like a wood burning stove. We feed the stove wood which burns andmetabolism is like a fire produces heat. Now, what would happen if we don’t put wood into the stove? The fire goes out! It is the same with our bodies. Go on a low calorie diet and the fire goes out. In this case the fire is your metabolism. Your body goes into protect mode and the diet is doomed to fail.

Time Of Day.

What I mean here is the time of day that we eat the most amount of food. Typically breakfast is the least or non existent. Lunch picks up on the run, and dinner is from 5 pm to bedtime. This is all wrong. Our greatest energy needs begin in the morning and gradually lessen until bedtime. We should be eating our largest meal at breakfast. Less at lunch, and the least at dinner. This allows you to effectively use the greatest amount of energy or food when you need it. Skip breakfast and eating a big dinner literally forces our bodies to store fat. Change your time!

change the time when you eat the most foood


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This is what very little of us understand. But it is vital to burn fat fast. What am I talking about? I am talking about the type of foods that we eat at the same time. Have you ever eaten a burger, fries and a shake? How did you feel afterwords.? Like a stuffed turkey headed for a nap! Why do we feel so sluggish? Because the combination of foods we ate were wrong. We mixed protein with carbohydrates and sugar. 3 different foods that take different enzymes in our stomach and intestines to process. What happens is, the food takes longer to digest. Some of the food never gets digested properly. This leaves our bodies hungry for the right nutrients. Have you ever had days where you just keep eating but never feel satisfied? Well this could be part of that problem.


physical movement

Now this is where we all need a little more help. What is the old saying “a rolling stone collects no moss.” Well, “a moving body will burn fat fast!” Walking, standing, running, are all forms of movement. Our problem is we just don’t do enough of it. 100 years ago fat and being overweight were not much of a problem. Most people did a lot of physical work as part of their jobs. Today we tend to be more sedentary in our jobs and lifestyle. Our life today requires most of us to push ourselves to move. But just increasing our physical movement a little will pay off by making it easier to burn fat and lose excess weight.

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