Psychology of Successful and Permanent Weight Loss
ByMichelle Casey

weight loss think you can or think you cant

Believe it or not, there is an actual habitual thinking pattern and belief system that those “skinny people” have that keep them healthy, fit, and trim throughout their entire lives!  These people don’t have emotional attachments to food that cause an inner-struggle whenever food choices present themselves; and they don’t have to peel themselves off of the couch or bed in order to get a good workout in for the day–they simply just do it!  Perhaps the best aspect of all is that their entire day isn’t focused on calorie counts, fat grams, carbohydrates, or the weight scale in the bathroom.

Fact or Self-Sabotaging Belief?

Chronically overweight people and food addicts aren’t able to imagine a life like the one I just described above, maybe because they’ve never been able to experience such freedom.  They simply resign themselves to the “fact” that they are, and will always be, a lover of food and that “fact” will always be the thorn in their side.  The truth is that that “fact” is a down right lie!  That “fact” is an example of a self-sabotaging belief that is keeping that person chronically overweight and addicted to food.

Another truth is that there are multiple other self-sabotaging beliefs disguising themselves as “facts” that are also keeping that person in the prison of weight gain.  Can you identify some false facts that you might be buying into?  Common self-sabotaging beliefs of the chronically overweight and food addicts are something like:
I’ll always struggle with my weight.
I love [insert type/s of food here] too much.
My food cravings are way too strong to deny for too long.
I’m too big/lazy/busy to exercise on a regular basis.
I don’t have the slightest desire to exercise/eat healthy foods.
I could never be a health food nut or a fitness junkie.
I only need to eat healthy and exercise long enough to lose the weight.
My appetite is too big–small portions just won’t satisfy me.
It’s going to be hard for me to lose weight because (insert reason/s here).

There are many many other self-sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you overweight and addicted to food.  The key right now is to simply become aware of their existence.

Perception VS Truth

The trouble with a self-sabotaging belief is that it appears to you as truth: “I do love me some fast food, therefore it is a fact that I am a fast food junkie”.  All a self-sabotaging belief really is is just a perception you are holding of yourself; and the great thing about a perception is that it can be changed!

Maybe you’re not a health food nut or a fitness junkie, but that’s because that isn’t your current perception of yourself.  The truth is that you can be a health food nut and a fitness junkie!  There are just some “tweaks” that need to made in that noggin of yours!

Beliefs and Thinking Patterns of a “Skinny Person”

Getting back to those “skinny people”, they also have a set of beliefs with thinking patterns that support permanent weight loss.  Skinny people hold beliefs similar to:
I stay at my ideal weight almost effortlessly.
I prefer healthy foods in modest portions.
I love to exercise on a regular basis.
I am-and I deserve to be-healthy, fit, and trim.
Smaller portions satisfy me just fine.
I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.
I am in control of the foods I eat and the exercise I partake in.

A skinny person is a skinny person because that’s how they perceive themselves to be.  They live and enjoy a lifestyle that supports permanent weight loss.  Being part of the “skinny person” group doesn’t require a special pass; you can be part of that group too, even if you’ve never been skinny in your life!  Imagine being able to look at one of those “skinny persons” with positive expectation for yourself rather than a bitter longing!

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