By Caroline Radway

The first step to fat loss success is understanding that there really are no ‘quick fixes’. It’s all about making long term and enjoyable changes to your lifestyle – creating habits that will sculpt the lean, fit version of you. Ironically, once you realise that fat loss is not quick and easy, it becomes much easier! Here are 7 vital strategies – if you take these on board, your success is inevitable:

SUCCESS STRATEGY 1: Think ‘activity’ and be as active as possible in general. Also set aside 2-3 hours per week for more structured and intense training, to include resistance training.

SUCCESS STRATEGY 2: Eat lots of lovely fresh things: veggies, fruits, proteins, nuts… Drink plenty of water. Bear in mind it’s a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to nutrition so you don’t need to dwell on the odd slip up or focus on what you shouldn’t have, instead, focus on fitting all the goodness in!

SUCCESS STRATEGY 3: Look after yourself – those who you look after will thank you for it.

SUCCESS STRATEGY 4: Be nice to yourself – positive self-talk is so powerful because you become what you think about!

SUCCESS STRATEGY 5: Set goals – long, medium and short term – and think about ways to measure success. Aim high – dare to dream! But do break goals down into manageable short-term goals that are achievable, focusing on the behaviours and habits not the outcome – we can’t necessarily control the precise outcome, but we can control what we do to get there.

SUCCESS STRATEGY 6: Get out of the ‘excuses’ mentality! A multitude of less-than-perfect choices led you to losing fitness / gaining weight. Only you have control over changing these choices and resetting the direction you are going in. You have control – accept that and start succeeding!

SUCCESS STRATEGY 7: Enlist a support team – your family, colleagues, or online communities and mailing lists. If you still feel you need more support (often those closest to us are the worst for inadvertently obstructing our goals) then consider investing in a Trainer – one session a week can keep you on track and give you someone to be accountable to.

Finally, remember that consistency is key – whatever you do, whatever changes you make, keep it up! It is the regular application of these principles over time that will get you to your goals and let you keep the results for good.

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