Do You Really Want To Lose Weight?

Really, ask yourself that question……………………………………………………………………………………………………

That was me just listening and hopefully also you!

You have to want to lose weight for YOU and YOU alone. Not for someone else or because the world say’s you don’t fit the perfect body image.

Now that I’m done with my little Rant N Rave let’s examine what I am talking about.

There are only Two reasons anyone should lose weight.

  • Health reasons
  • You don’t feel good with yourself.

Ok, before I continue let me make it clear that everything you read here is my opinion only. But it is my blog so let it go! Sit back and enjoy. I promise not to bore you.

Health, the stat guys tell us that almost 2 out of 3 of us are overweight. That is a lot any way you look at it. Looking around the school yard, local restaraunt, neighborhood block , I would say maybe they are being generous!picture of a healthy person walking

When I was a kid we picked on the fat kid in school, not me of course, but if you were overweight you were the odd man out. Not now, the skinny kid is odd man out.

Look at the playgrounds, neighborhood streets, what do you see? Nothing! No kids playing, riding bikes, playing ball, running, jumping. Where did they all go? Day care, video games, indoors, computers.

Sedentary: Meaning non movement, sitting for long periods of time. That is our world today and it contributes greatly to our overweight problem.

Let me tell you a little story that impressed me deeply. A person that I loved was dying of cancer after a long battle. While visiting in the hospital I happened to be in the room when the cancer doctor came in to check. Expecting a quick hello, how are things and goodbye, I was shocked when this doctor gently, and methodically checked all vital signs, nurses notes, and then pulled up a chair and began to talk to all of us.

He first turned his attention to his patient, asking him how he felt, where he hurt, if the new medicine was making him sick or what. Than he listened, quietly, paitently, as if he was his only patient in the world. Amazing!

No, I think, Love! That doctor loved his patients and wanted to be the best for them!

Than he turned to us and said, “The best thing you can do for him is to get him to MOVE!” Get him up and walk a few feet if that is the best that he can do. Do some movement”.

“When the body is involved in movement, exercise, or physical force of some kind, there is a significant change in the blood chemistry”

Powerful words that burned into my brain when he said them. They should burn into yours also. Significant change in the blood chemistry for the good! For the good of your whole body.

Sometimes we just need a little help to MOVE!

Ok, back to Health Reasons:

Let’s talk, do you feel good, or you don’t feel good. You have to answer that question alone. I hate that , don’t you?

But sometimes it is good for us to MOVE! Ha, Ha, I just had to get that in. (remember it is my blog).

If you don’t feel good, than why not? High blood pressure, diabetes, don’t sleep well, joints hurt, feel uncomfortable, skin itches, stomach hurts, constipated,…… etc, etc..

Just plain feeling unhealthy.

Might have something to do with our being overweight. It’s unhealthy to be overweight and we know it!

Now we can make excuses but our bodies don’t make excuses they just get sick!

When is the last time you ate a half a bag of chips and said,” Gee, I feel really good!” Just never happening is it.

You don’t feel good with yourself.

Ok my dear reader hold on because who knows what I am about to say about this subject! This is a humbling topic,picture with a eye in a mirror although I have never been accused of being humble. Note: I probably should work on that. But, not now.

Here is an eye opener. I believe 99.9% of the human population maintains a segement of their brain that constantly evokes a less than desireable image of ourselves.

We could be thinner, more muscles, taller, shorter, better hair, better eye color, etc., etc. etc,.. Who invented mirrors any way? Is lynching still legal? We would all be better off without mirrors. Than the only input as to who we are would come from what other people tell us.

Did you just get that? We are our own worst enemy because we often don’t see any good in ourselves. Our body image and self as a whole is wrapped up in our own expectations! Not in what others see us as.

So, what is my point? Oh, yes thank you for asking!

Point One: You don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t like what you see in the mirror, than you do something about it! You make that change. No me oh my, just you looking in the mirror. Make the changes you want.

Point Two: You don’t feel good about yourself. Than your body is trying to tell you something. Listen and than take some action. Exercise, diet, MOVE, go help someone else. Just do something different than what you have been doing because it’s not working!

Remember every day you look in the mirror only one person looks back. YOU!!



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